We had a fun and informative, sold out Colour Analysis session in North Belfast Sat 18th May 2024. Starting with colour personality, moving on to colour profiling, colour matching and discussing the make up we use. In groups of 4, one in the morning, one in the afternoon, it was great to see how differently and uniquely each of us perceive colour.

Everyone was able to ask questions as well as discussing trends and what we do and don’t like about advertising and social media. The finale was the draping of swatches, getting the participants to look and witness how a colour can either make or break you and realising that all those times in the past when you thought that you just needed more make up or tan to make that outfit work that it wasn’t you that wasn’t working it was the colour!

Have a read of one of my lovely client’s reviews of having her colours analysed at Mount Lennox, Antrim Road, Belfast. Read Kerry’s blog here: Hues that girl? Getting a colour analysis to develop a personal style. – Lazy Girls Guide (

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I look forward to seeing you soon!