Your Mindful Wardrobe


Are you feeling overwhelmed by the chaos in your wardrobe but you’re not sure where to begin?

Have you worked up the courage to get started but you’ve stalled mid-way (and been left with a bigger mess)?

Are you struggling to squeeze your clothes into the wardrobe, yet have nothing to wear when you go out?

Let us guide you towards an organised, curated wardrobe you will feel proud of. One filled with beautiful clothes that work specifically for you and your lifestyle.


Learn how to curate a wardrobe that works specifically for you, brings you joy and empowers you to show up as your authentic self.

Your Mindful Wardrobe helps you feel good about your clothes by guiding you through a step-by-step path to create order and harmony in your wardrobe, and create an action plan to shop for the gaps. Our clothes carry so much energy and we can’t attract the new until we get rid of what no longer serves us.

This isn’t just a capsule wardrobe guide. This online product allows you to do this in your own time combining both the expertise of Northern Ireland’s only KonMari consultant: Sharon McNulty and Belfast’s highly acclaimed Personal Stylist Mary McGuigan of Corporate & Creative Image .

There will be the option to upgrade with this package to a one to one consultation if you want to really invest in your wardrobe.

Do you want to love your wardrobe again?