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3 Reasons you need a photo of yourself on your website

Guest Post By Zoe McCallum

Web Designer based in Belfast, Northern Ireland

Why Do You Need A Photo of yourself on your website?

Humans are visual creatures, an image of yourself on your website can help create first impressions and might be the reason someone decides to work with you! 

1. Connection

Having an image of yourself humanises your brand, your visitors want to know they will be working with a real person. Putting a face to the name is more likely to build a connection. It can help you stand out and be remembered when potential clients are doing research.

2. Build Trust

Authenticity is critical, your photos can help create trust in you and your business. The more the visitor feels they know you, more likely that are to trust you.

3. Increase Conversions

Scientific research, real world A/B test corroborate the hypothesis of human photos increasing conversion rate.  Increasing your conversion rate means that more traffic is converted to meaningful actions depending on your website goals. This may be to make a purchase, complete a form, becoming a lead or request your services.


Human photos on a website do have a positive impact on visitor’s first impression of trustworthiness, your business is your brand and your face is highly valuable to build connection, trust and convert your visitors! 

Tips When Using Photos On Your Website

  • Your photos should be authentic
  • Use a professional photographer
  • Focus on the face for  a bigger impact
  • Chose high quality images
  • When adding image to your site remember to optimise images for SEO 
  • Not sure how to dress? Seek Advice from Mary, an Image consultant to ensure you are dressed to impress and more importantly to convert!

Want Help With Your Website?

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