How important is Personal Presentation in the Workplace?

The short answer …VERY!

Personal presentation is how you portray yourself to other people. It includes the way you look, speak and move and is part of your communication skills. Communication is one of the most important life and work skills you need to be successful 🤓

Your personal presentation is made of:
👗Appearance – from wearing well presented clothes.
🗣Body Language – From the way you smile to the way you shake hands and your ability to make eye contact.

🧠Behaviour – your attitudes and behaviours towards situations and people are part of your your personal branding.

Within the first few seconds, we are judged based on our appearance and body language 😬

✨ Tips for making the most out of your Personal Presentation include:

✅ Dressing for the occasion. Don’t change your entire style every time you have to present. This is about adapting your own style to the situation.

✅ Practice power moves – Standing tall, power stances first thing in the morning, shoulders back – these contribute to looking confident.

✅ Affirmations – Make a list of your “I am” statements for those important occasions.

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