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3 Top Tips For Successful Personal Branding photoshoot

A few weeks ago I decided to have some headshots done by Mathieu Decodts. I wanted to target my corporate clients who mainly hung out on Linkedin. On arrival, I sat down and we went over in great detail how and what way we would shoot.

The process was very straightforward and I was put at ease after every concern I had. I was aiming for a bit more of my serious side without looking unapproachable which I think we achieved pretty well.

If you are considering having some corporate headshots or a personal branding shoot consider the following tips:

1. Be clear about you or your brand’s purpose

How do you want to be perceived?; What are your brand values?;  How would you describe your brand? If you wanted to come across as powerful then photos shot from slightly below or a direct look may inspire authority. If you wanted to look friendly and approachable you may opt for shots at the same height so you’re on the same level as your audience .

2. Pick the right outfits and coloursMathieu Decodts Photography

Choose clothes that include your brand colors to increase brand awareness. Think of what you’d meet your ideal clients in. Opt for solid colours and bold prints over small details to obtain more versatile photos. Include clothes that fit well and in which you feel comfortable. Consider the industry you work in for colour psychology. 

 3. Be authentic

Look your best but in a way that your audience still recognises you. Don’t try clothing styles that you have never tried before. Plan your hair and, if relevant, makeup.

my personal branding

If you are not sure about what colours and shapes suit you book in for a Colour and Body shape analysis

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